Welcome from the Founders

Welcome to the Milestone Institute – a national centre of advanced studies, founded to nurture the intellectual development of gifted students and inspire them in their pursuit of academic excellence. Our mission is to expose this pool of talent to cutting-edge research, creative work, enterprise, and activism, in order to build a community dedicated to the advancement of democratic principles and the development of innovative ideas.

Our vision is to rethink the role of education. We believe it should be a space where future leaders confront the most pressing challenges of our era. In addition to knowledge, the tangible outcome of education should be a network that can turn these challenges into opportunities for improving society.

Located in the heart of Budapest, our Institute builds on the opportunities created by the fall of the Iron Curtain – envisioning a Hungary and a region that rise to take advantage of these opportunities. To realise this vision, we strive to be a place where the future agents of transformation are prepared: a community of intellectuals, innovators and entrepreneurs who are ready to act as catalysts of gradual change.

Our ambition is thus to help young people recognise themselves as agents with the capacity to shape their future, as well as the society they inhabit, and to assist them in becoming successful, innovative and autonomous individuals. The Milestone Institute’s first step towards realising this ambition is to aim for excellence in its academic programme, experimentation in its teaching, and inspiration in its student-led social life, to offer a unique educational experience.

If you are reading these lines and wish to be part of this experience and contribute towards making our vision a reality:

Join us!

Dániel Léderer, Ádám Zeitler and György Greskovits