Tuition fees & Financial aid

Tuition fees

The planned tuition fee for the academic year of 2023-2024 (consisting of three trimesters) is:

  • Core Programme: HUF 1,175,000

  • Access Programme: HUF 1,530,000

Due to the current highly unpredictable international and domestic situation, we are preparing for the possibility that the state of the economy could change suddenly and even dramatically during the remainder of 2022. In this case, please note that we may have to adjust the above rates. Final tuition fees will be confirmed by 31 January 2023 at the latest.

To make the programme accessible to all students, scholarships and the possibility to pay in instalments are available for students in need.

The Scholarship Application Form for the Core Programme is available to prospective students after the completion of the Admissions Form, with the following application deadlines:

  • Continuing Milestone Students: the deadline for scholarship applications is Sunday, 22nd January 2023. Information about Continuing Student scholarship applications is sent via email.
  • Prospective Students: the deadline for scholarship applications for
    • those applying to the February round is Sunday, 5th February 2023;
    • those applying to the March round, it is Sunday, 5th March 2023.

The application deadline for the Bridge Scholarship is Sunday, 5th March 2023, for further information please see below.

Scholarship applications will only be assessed upon successful admission to the Milestone Institute.

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Our mission is to prepare the thinkers and leaders who will build the Hungary of the future to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We believe that this requires leaders and communities that include all sections of society (people from different backgrounds and with different experiences). To accomplish our goal, we need to break glass ceilings and create opportunities for all committed students to receive an excellent education, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Our scholarship system provides financial support for students who would otherwise be unable to participate in Milestone’s educational programmes or who would find it difficult to do so. Students are also able to pay in instalments (no scholarship application is required).

While our scholarship system is needs-based, we will continue to support our outstanding students by promoting academic, research, and community initiatives. That is why we have created our Fellowship system, which can be combined with a needs-based scholarship application and is open to all our students.

Types of Scholarships

Needs-based Scholarship Bridge Scholarship
Availability Core Programme (all programme years) Access Programme

Core Programme (all programme years)

Scholarship rate 

(as a percentage of the total annual tuition fee)

10–75% 100%
Duration One academic year (open every year) Up to several years of study based on eligibility
How to apply
  • For new students: 
    • Submission of programme and scholarship application form
  • For continuing students:
    • Submission of scholarship application material
Submit the Bridge scholarship form

Needs-based Scholarships

To promote social diversity, we offer opportunities for students in financial need to apply for the Needs-based Scholarships, which are available at all programme years of the Core Programme (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior).

Needs-based Scholarships can be combined with a Fellowship, for which each student needs to apply separately.

Types of Needs-based Scholarships

Milestone Needs- Based Scholarship 7th District Scholarship Lyons Scholarship Bulgarian Minority Scholarship
Short Description Funded by the Milestone Institute’s own grants Our scholarship to support our district’s community West London Synagogue’s donation to support talented Hungarian Jewish students in need Scholarship co-funded with the Bulgarian National Municipality
Application criteria Successful submission of a needs-based scholarship application
No other application criteria Residence in the 7th district of Budapest (min. 1 year) or attendance of a secondary school located in the district Jewish ancestry and identity (the applicant has at least one Jewish grandparent or is a converted Jew) Active participation in the Bulgarian minority community
Other application materials No other application materials to be submitted Proof of address of residence or secondary school  An essay answering questions related to the scholarship and the applicant’s Jewish identity and heritage To be determined by the Bulgarian Self-Governance Body in Hungary (the call for applications will be posted on the Self-Governance Body’s website)
Evaluation In cases involving new students to the Institute or continuing students upon successful completion of the current academic year, Needs-based Scholarship applications will be evaluated by the Milestone Scholarship Committee according to the following criteria 
No extra assessment criteria Residency or secondary school’s location in the 7th district is verified by the Institute on presentation of an address card or secondary school certificate Essay will be evaluated by the West London Synagogue The application will be evaluated by the Bulgarian Self-Governance Body in Hungary 

Who can apply?

It is of immense importance to us that both our existing and new students take advantage of the opportunities offered by Milestone. We encourage all applicants who feel that paying the full tuition fee would put a strain on their family finances to apply for a scholarship.

The Scholarship Committee reviews and evaluates all applications received and attempts to award scholarships to each applicant according to their family’s financial situation.

To offer examples of the opportunities provided by Milestone, here is some information concerning the general background of two of the successful applicants for the Needs-based Scholarships in early 2022:

  • A student living in a town 40 kilometres from Budapest in a two-person household with one of their parents who works as a civil servant. When the application was submitted, the household as a whole was living on approximately 300 000 HUF per month. On the basis of the evaluation, the Scholarship Committee recommended a Needs-based Scholarship of more than 60% of the tuition fees for the applicant family.
  • A student living in Budapest in a household of four, with both parents and one sibling. The parents work as small entrepreneurs. When the application was submitted, the family was living on approximately HUF 640 000 per month. On the basis of the evaluation, the Scholarship Committee recommended a Needs-based Scholarship of more than 10% of the tuition fees for the applicant family.

The examples above are for information only! When awarding scholarships, the Scholarship Committee always takes into account all the applications submitted in a given year, so decisions may vary from year to year depending on the needs and number of applicants and the economic conditions in the year in question.

Bridge Scholarship

We believe in equal opportunities, the power of value-based, critical, reflective, and forward-looking knowledge, and collective social responsibility. We are therefore committed to creating opportunities for our Bridge Scholarship students to study at the Milestone Institute tuition-free.

The Bridge Scholarship is available to students who have been accepted for either the Access or the Core Programme. In addition to successful admission to the Institute and the submission of a scholarship application, successful application for a Bridge Scholarship is also conditional upon attendance at an admission day for applicants and their parents.

Who can apply?

These scholarships are intended first and foremost for students from disadvantaged social backgrounds and/or Roma students who:

  • will finish the 8th or 9th grade of high school (or the corresponding years in 6-grade or 8-grade high schools) in 2022-2023;
  • have a minimum grade average (according to the Hungarian system) of 4.0 (excluding the grades for conduct – “magatartás, szorgalom”); 
  • have at least an intermediate command of English (a language exam is not a prerequisite); 
  • show outstanding potential in one of the following fields: academic, artistic, or community leadership

For details concerning the eligibility and assessment criteria for the Bridge Scholarship, click here.

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Evaluations Procedure and Requirements (for All Types of Needs-based Scholarships)

Scholarship applications will be considered by the Milestone Scholarship Committee only after an applicant has been granted admission (or for continuing students, only after the student has successfully completed the current programme year). 

The evaluation of scholarship applications is a complex, multi-step process. The first step is an administrative review of the applications that have been submitted and, if necessary, the submission of any missing materials upon request by the committee. As several documents must be submitted as part of the application, all applicants are advised to start preparing their scholarship application in time.

The Milestone Scholarship Committee then evaluates the applications based on a scoring system. The assessment will take into account the amount of monthly income per person living in the applicant’s household, the monthly expenditures for health care for the members of this household, the distance between the applicant’s place of residence and the Milestone Institute, and other relevant social circumstances. Bridge scholarship applicants and their parents are required to attend the admission day organised for applicants.

Scholarship holders at the Institute must fulfil additional requirements alongside their studies, such as:

  • completing the Milestone year successfully and performing well in their modules;
  • actively participating in Milestone’s Student Life;
  • participating in fundraising events and the activities organised by the Institute for Scholarship holders.

Fellowship System

Our Fellowship system is designed to support and recognise the outstanding academic, research, and community-building achievements of the students who have enrolled or been admitted to the Core Programme. It provides an array of benefits, such as a discount of 10% on the respective tuition fees. Successful applicants (future Fellows) will also receive other support and opportunities, including individual counselling sessions with a member of the Academic Team each trimester, an invitation to a professional meeting at the Institute, and the opportunity to take an extra module.

Newly admitted students can apply for four Fellowships (research and competitive). Nine Fellowships (Research, Competitive and Milestone Community Building) are available to students already studying at the Institute. 

To apply, applicants must submit a motivation letter outlining their achievements in recent years, the project that they have planned for the upcoming academic year, and their plans to contribute actively to Milestone’s student community. More information on the application criteria and process can be found here (link). 

Applications will be evaluated by the Milestone Fellowship Committee on the basis of the motivation letter (presentation of achievements and planned outcomes, quality and feasibility of projects to contribute to the life of the student community). Students who are applying for a Fellowship can also apply for a Scholarship.

In addition to implementing the projects outlined in the motivation letter, Fellowship recipients are expected to:

  • successfully complete the requirements of their Milestone programme year;
  • attend their classes at the Institute in a consistent and disciplined manner;
  • actively participate in Milestone’s student life;
  • participate in Milestone’s student recruitment events;
  • give their consent for the Milestone Institute to report on their academic achievements on its public platforms.

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