Thank you for submitting your Referee’s contact details!

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for submitting your Referee’s contact details. As stated in the Institute’s Child Protection Policy (CPP), we are committed to child safe recruitment. For this purpose, we will contact the referee of your choice to ask them whether they are aware of any disciplinary procedures related to you.

The referee will be contacted via email upon contracting and they will be instructed to give their reference by responding to an email. We will also notify you separately when this happens.

We will contact each referee only once. Following up on them and making sure their reference is submitted will be your responsibility, so we will be notifying you weekly about your reference status and will kindly ask you to contact them, if needed.

Once the reference is given, the Referee’s contact details will be deleted from our database.

Please continue filling out your Application.

Best wishes.

The Milestone Institute HR Department

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