Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is put together by student representatives from each Year Group at the Milestone Institute. They are elected at the start of every new Academic Year and hold office until the new Student Representative Council is elected. The SRC is trusted with three areas of responsibility. The SRC acts as a channel between the Academic Team and their Year Groups. They represent their Year Group to the Academic Team and also communicate the institutional responses of the feedback and suggestions to the students. The SRC also organises Socials for their Year Groups or Houses in order to support Year Group cohesion and welfare. They also support Student Life Communication through Social Media, posters and videos. The SRC operates on a teamwork basis thus, it is up to their discretion how these tasks are distributed amongst the Representatives.

Milestone Student Council 2022/23

Do you want to shape Milestone’s Academic and Student Life? Do you have an idea for a social event? Get in touch with your Year Group’s Student Representative via Canvas to participate in our vibrant community and contribute to our constant academic development.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Anna Tolmayer, Student Life Coordinator, at

Application Process

Student Representative Council members are elected at the beginning of each Academic Year in the Summer Term. Positions are advertised by the Student Life Coordinator in each Year Group via Canvas and applicants can apply through an online form. Once the deadline has passed the applicant profiles are made available to their Year Group and voting takes place at the Student Assembly. Students from all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply. Applications are allowed for both positions but an indication of primary choice should be provided.

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