Valentina Csíkos

Appointment: Academic Administrator
Position: Staff
Years: 2021-2022, 2022-2023

Ever since she was little, she was interested in filmmaking. During high school, she attended a media club in her hometown, Sopron, where she learned about film/television, human relations and communication. In her Junior year, she finished a production assistant course at ELTE. Before starting senior year here in Hungary she went on an exchange program to Texas, USA. Right after graduation she got a job at RTL, where she learned a lot, but most importantly, she learned what type of lifestyle she wants to pursue. She was looking for a more reliable work schedule and started working for Starbucks. She climbed the ladder quite fast and became a product manager where she found interest in the world of business. At Milestone she sees an opportunity to grow and find her place in life.