Tamás Novák

Appointment: Junior Academic Coordinator
Position: Staff
Years: 2021-2022, 2022-2023

After graduating in Communication and Media Science I decided to live abroad and take a gap year or two – this eventually turned into a decade-long experience. After working in the US and Italy for a few years I have moved to Denmark. Here, I first attended a højskole, then I obtained a Master’s degree in European Studies. After living and working in the country for a couple of years I decided to get a CELTA certificate in Budapest and in a short while I found myself moving to Ecuador and teaching at an American-funded private institution. Upon moving back to Hungary I started working as an office manager and finance assistant at a market leader HR company. After taking a short break, I handed in my application to Milestone Institute. I enjoy running, hiking and I love board games. I aim to read at least one book every week. I am firm believer and follower of life-long learning.