Pallava Tyagi

Subjects: Film Production, Film Studies, Film Studies, Philosophy
Division: Arts and Humanities
Position: Mentor, Module leader
Years: 2020-2021

Tyagi is originally from India and after living in the UK, Belgium, Portugal & US he now resides in Budapest. He makes films, video installations and VR archives of art installations using haptic elements in his medium.

After leaving school, he worked on ships as a navigator and then studied product design in Scotland and worked in the field for a while before gravitating towards writing and film-making.

‘Narrating stories is an endless journey of relating myself to the environment and making sense out of it. I define art as the transmission of an idea (intellectual, philosophical, ideological, etc.) to the material (in countless forms, structures, mediums, etc). Creating art for me is a desire to explore the boundaries, to be passionate, to evoke sensations, to be contemporary and to find meaning in what I produce.’