Norbert Pintye

Subjects: Mathematics
Division: Numerical Sciences
Position: Module leader
Years: 2015-2016

Ever since he was a child, Norbert has been drawn to science and music. It so happens that besides the piano, mathematics is his ‘instrument’. He graduated as a theoretical mathematician from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and he currently pursues a PhD in the field of algebraic geometry. Over the years, he participated in a number of summer schools across Europe. He has taught under- and postgraduate students of mathematics, physics, informatics, and civil and electrical engineering. On finishing his studies at the Budapest University of Technology, he was admitted to the PhD intern programme of the WCMCS (Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science). What he enjoys about his job is that he can it wherever he is. He enjoys going for long walks, engaging in discussions with people around him, and looking for ideas. He is also interested in computer algebra systems, algorithm theory, functional programming and typography.