Luca Karig

Subjects: Business Cases
Division: Social Sciences
Appointment: Junior Organisational Development Consultant
Position: Module leader, Solutions Lab Team, Staff
Years: 2017-2018, 2018-2019

After achieving a BSc degree in Accounting and Finance from Corvinus University in Budapest, Luca spent some time working at Price Waterhouse Cooper, Budapest as an auditor. She then went on to complete an MSc in  Organisational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics. She believes that having academic degrees in two seemingly different domains helps her match the quantitative and qualitative sides of a problem, which can be very helpful in organisational development and management consulting. As part of the Solutions Lab within the Milestone Institute, Luca wishes to have a positive impact on problems which companies, educational institutions and NGOs face today. In her free time she likes to go jogging on the Margaret Island,  horse riding or yoga, painting, writing, or reading a good book.

Modules taught