Lilla Patterman

Division: Multiple Disciplines
Appointment: Office Manager
Position: Staff
Years: 2020-2021

Lilla has a Bachelor of Science degree in Teacher Education.
She graduated as a sociologist with a postgraduate education at ELTE, where she specializes in settlement development. She graduated as a tourism expert at the University of West Hungary.
Throughout her career, she has worked at the Roma Methodology Center, a record label company, the Prime Minister’s Office and several times in the banking sector.
She volunteers in prisons and correctional institute, but she is happy to help people with disabilities in any situation.
In her spare time she attends lectures on psychology. She travels a lot, but she gives others the same enthusiasm for travel tips. She is keen on castles, cemeteries and small villages.
She enjoys swimming, basketball and table tennis. However, she finds conversations with her friends the most valuable.