Kinga Adelmann

Appointment: Office Manager and Receptionist
Position: Staff
Years: 2018-2019

Kinga has a BA in Cultural and Non Profit Management, and most of her life she worked in Front and Back Office, International Relations, Organizing, but even Investment Projects and Business Development Projects are in her repertory.  She has spent 7 years at the Hungarian State Opera House as an Artist Manager and Tour Organizer, and than gained 3 years experienced in International Relations and Diplomacy working for the Economic and Foreign Affairs Ministry of Hungary as a Secretary Leader. She also took part in many big investment project such as settling down Mercedes Benz to Kecskemét, or Huawei to Pécs and Komárom.

Kinga also worked 5 years in  London’s West End Theatres as a Customer Service and Security Expert , finding the way back to her original field in Theatre and Arts Industry, before trying herself at Milestone as an Office Manager.

In her free time you can most probably find her watching opera, ballet or musicals or reading a good book in Városliget Vajdahunyad Vár, at her favourite spot.