Katalin Borbáth

Subjects: Psychology
Division: Natural Sciences
Position: Mentor
Years: 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023

Katalin Borbáth is a PhD candidate at educational sience at OTDI PTE, in Pécs. She is a master of educational psychology, working as a schoolpsychologist at Közgazdasági Politechnicum and Leowey Secondary School as well, she was a lecturer for 3 years at ELTE TÓK faculty. She is the creator of NVC-The Language of Compassionate Communication. She is also the author of courses like Effective Communication, Hardly but Educatable e-tranings. Katalin also is a trener at the field of communication, mentoring, talent managing. Her specialities are the interdisciplined fields at psychology, educational sience, communication and sociology. She studies the possibilities of equal relationships in education and in therapycal relates in theory and in practice as well. Her special interest are: compassionate communication, mediation, equity, gender studies,councelling,talent management, personal developing , mentoring, art therapy and dance therapy. She conducts studies at mentalhigiene at schools, female teachers’personality, teachers’attitude towards psychology. Her article , title is Child Psychodrama and Creative Dance were published at volume :Integration and Inclusion, about an methodical experimentation in a primary school. She took part several educational tender, in 2015 she led a project aboult art and therapy for underpriviledges students in Budapest, X. district, Educational Cancelling Centre. In 2019 she wrote , won and implemented the Erasmus +international training course project called Inside Out:Growing gender Awareness for teachers and youth workers.