Gréta Süveges

Subjects: Social Sciences
Division: Social Sciences
Position: Mentor
Years: 2020-2021
Gréta Süveges holds a BA from ELTE University in Budapest and has finished her MA studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Her main interest is in literature, art and cultural history, especially in the context of politics and ideology. She has lived and studied in many cities, including Budapest, Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, and is deeply interested in discovering the urban-cultural context of cities. Gréta writes articles and reviews about museums, memory policy, architecture and urban experience, which are most often published in magazines with a focus on culture and museology. She was involved in teaching and various research projects at Narmer Architecture Studio and ELTE University in Budapest related to art, the influence of collective memory and politics on art and museums. Gréta finished her second MA studies in urban sociology at the Central European University, Budapest in 2019. Currently, she is teaching Jewish culture and Israel Studies at Lauder Javne Jewish Community School, Budapest. In her free time she enjoys reading, dancing and learning languages.