Fruzsina Karig

Subjects: Architecture, Art History
Division: Arts and Humanities
Position: Mentor
Years: 2017-2018

During her Architecture studies at the University of Cambridge, Fruzsina was very involved in the student-run Architecture Society, where through her Exhibition Organiser and Pavilion Designer positions she designed, curated and built two End of Year Shows in London for the department, as well as the central installations for these events. In the past 3 years she has taken part in architecture projects in Hungary, Mexico and Japan, building local social projects. In 2017 she won the competition and became the Project Master of the July Project at Beam Camp, a builders’ camp for children in the USA. This year she has been working at Hello Wood, organising their international summer school and at Technika, where she gives lessons on basic carpentry for both young students and adults. When she is not making something out of wood, she enjoys playing football, dancing tango and experiencing music festivals.