Faeza Yuldasheva

Subjects: History, Philosophy
Division: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences
Position: Mentor, Module leader
Years: 2020-2021

Faeza graduated from History department, Higher School of Economics, Moscow in 2019. She is now pursuing her MA in Medieval Studies at Central European University, Budapest/Vienna, concentrating primarily on literary history. She is mostly interested in the intersection of gender, emotions and embodiment. Faeza’s passion for history of emotions stems from the background in narratology and semiotics which she got in high school, this is also the reason why she tries to integrate cybernetics and digital humanities in humanities research. She can code a little bit and do some stats, hence the thesis she is working on now is on Medieval economic history. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling and hiking with her friends and reading everything ever written by Foucault. She also runs a cinema club at CEU, to which everyone is welcome.