Dávid Gergely

Subjects: Computer Science, Engineering, Materials Science
Division: Numerical Sciences
Position: Module leader
Years: 2020-2021, 2022-2023

David is an engineer with an interest in the cutting edge. During his Bachelor studies at PPKE ITK he worked at the Central Physics Research Institute focusing on nano technological sensors. From there, he transitioned to BME studying chemical engineering focusing on material science. At BME he started to work with 3D printers, as part of a research group focusing on creating new printable materials. Afterwards he moved to the Netherlands where he worked for Ultimaker, a start-up dominating the desktop FFF 3D printing market. At Ultimaker he developed new processes and material delivery methods for their flagship printers. In 2019 he came back to Hungary and joined the newly opened Formlabs office in Budapest as a Quality Engineer, where he further honed his understanding of 3D printing now focusing on the 3D printing software. He is a proud owner of a rescue dog named Zelda.