Christoph Gottstein

Subjects: Architecture, Art History, Design, International Relations, Politics
Division: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences
Position: Mentor, Module leader
Years: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022

Christoph holds an MA in International Relations and Art History from the University of St Andrews and an MA in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges. Following a stint at the European Commission in Brussels, he spent two years in the Press and Information Office of the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt. In addition, Christoph has several years’ experience as a teacher of English as a foreign language. Christoph’s favourite pastimes include travelling, cooking, and running.