Boglárka Zita Németh

Appointment: Junior Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Position: Staff
Years: 2021-2022

Boglárka Zita Németh graduated in 2021 from University College London (UCL) where she studied BA Language and Culture with a focus on French, Italian and Marketing. As part of her studies, she successfully got selected to attend the summer school of the Chinese University of Hong Kong where she further broadened her knowledge in marketing management, but also got the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Chinese medicine. During her studies, she was able to learn skills in many subfields of marketing, such as content creation, social media strategy and campaign development, which she then applied during her work experiences. Besides her Hungarian mother tongue, she speaks four other languages, namely, English, German, French and Italian. In her free time, she is an enthusiastic dancer, loves to listen to music and spend time in nature.