Balázs Fejes

Subjects: Chemical Engineering
Division: Natural Sciences
Position: Mentor
Years: 2018-2019

Balázs studied Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest, obtained MSc degree, majored in analytical chemistry. Freshly released from the Uni, he started to work as an R&D Chemical Engineer. Later on he followed in his career and proceeded to ESA’s Young Graduate Traineeship program in the Netherlands. He was selected and became the first Hungarian intern of the program. During his research the focus was mainly expressed on material sciences in regards to plastic and adhesive material. The following year he moved back to Hungary to be employed first by Audi Hungary Kft as a Material Engineer which he steered his career to become a Reliability Engineer at Robert Bosch Kft, where he is working since. In his free time, Balázs likes to enjoy the outdoor activities offered by the actual season: wakeboarding, cycling, snowboarding or hiking. Beside English, German is a second foreign language he practices, due to work related activities as a Reliability Engineer, Balázs has to spend some time abroad working together with other experts in an international environment. Last autumn he has spent 3 months next to Stuttgart, Germany, contracted by Robert Bosch GmbH.