Ádám Kornél Havas

Subjects: Philosophy, Politics, Social Anthropology, Sociology
Division: Social Sciences
Appointment: Division Head of Social Sciences
Position: Mentor, Module leader, Staff
Years: 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023

Dr. Havas received his PhD in sociology at Corvinus University of Budapest, in 2018. He serves as Head of Social Sciences Division at Milestone Institute, Budapest. He was Chair of IASPM-Hungary (2017-2020), and currently member of editorial board at Replika social science journal where he co-edited the first Hungarian thematic issue on jazz studies. He is co-editing with Bruce Johnson a special issue of the US academic journal Popular Music and Society on the global jazz diaspora. Currently, he is working on his book manuscript The Genesis and Structure of the Hungarian Jazz Diaspora (Routledge). His publications appeared in Popular Music, Jazz Research Journal, Jazz Research News, Hungarian Studies, Barataria and LeftEast among others. In 2019 he was the recipient of the Ferenc Erdei Price awarded to the most outstanding young sociologist of the year.

For further details of his works please consult: https://uni-corvinus.academia.edu/AdamHavas