Solutions Lab

We believe that the most crucial challenges of our time cannot be resolved by conventional textbook solutions, but require the involvement of the most creative minds and the collection of reliable data.



As a corporate think tank we combine academic excellence and state of the art research techniques to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. Capitalising on Milestone Institute’s multi-disciplinary expert network, we approach client needs with fact-based diagnosis, convert findings into crucial insight, design tailor-made solutions and support implementation. Constant monitoring and fine-tuning guarantee the success of our process. We are experts in the fields of corporate strategy and leadership, organisational development, education and how Generation Y is changing the workplace.


The professional foundation for our top-of-the-line services is provided by the international network of the Milestone Institute. This allows us to invite experts, and assign them temporarily to specific projects, which they have relevant and exceptional expertise in.

This ensures that the knowledgeable base, experience and enthusiasm of our core team members always get supplemented, developed and synergised by fresh ideas and new perspectives coming from professional members of the broader community.


Our client base consists the decision makers of small, medium sized, and multinational companies, educational and governmental institutions, as well as NGOs.



Ádám Zeitler

Milestone Solutions Lab Director






Orsolya Nemes

Senior expert and trainer

Generations Researcher




Ádám Hoffer

Senior Consultant





Veronika Cseke

Junior Consultant