Sustainability Society

President: Hanna Bíró
Vice-president: Valéria Pónya

The Milestone Sustainability Society is one of the youngest societies in the Institute. It was formed in the Summer Term of 2021 and hopefully will grow further in the future. This society is for everyone interested in Sustainability. Since it is an interdisciplinary topic, students with very different orientations can find a common interest and look at this topic from a wide range of perspectives. Our sessions will include guest lectures, games, discussions, movie nights and hopefully outdoor activities as well. The goal of this society would be to educate and make a change as well. We plan to have projects regarding Sustainability and as Milestone just moved, we would like to make it an environmentally friendly and sustainable place. Since we offer a wide range of programs in our sessions, everyone can find their interest in them and is welcome in our Society.


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Past Events

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