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The Milestone Institute is pleased to welcome you to its lively community of students who share a drive towards excellence in education, an aspiration for leadership and a spirit of adventure. Student Societies and Clubs are a great way to connect with similarly minded people, establish professional networks in your field of interest and forge a community in which members can learn from each other to work towards achieving extraordinary results. At the Milestone Institute, they are run by students under the oversight of the Student Life Coordinator.

Through Student Organisations, students master both transferable skills, such as autonomy, budgeting, transparency or event planning, and specific skills in areas as diverse as sailing, financial market analysis, debating, international political issues, writing reviews or sensitivity to the dynamics of visual culture. From a rowing competition in Oxford to a Model United Nations Conference in Berlin, Milestone Societies and Clubs have a tradition of crossing borders and providing its member students with a wealth of experience beyond the academic curriculum. Furthermore, participating in Student Organisations often includes Milestone alumni initiatives which provide ample opportunities for volunteering and publication, as well as the possibility to interact with recent undergraduates and postgraduates from the leading universities of the world.

Last but not least, Milestone Societies and Clubs present perfect opportunities to meet new people, enjoy fellowship with like-minded students and have fun.

How to join?

Students are welcome to join any of the Student Organisations throughout the year. However, it is highly recommended that students do so at the beginning of the Academic Year. At the Year Opening Ceremony in May, students have the opportunity to get to know the leaders and some members of every Student Organisation and sign-up for more information. In the Summer Term, in mid-May, Student Life Week provides a series of events held by all Student Organisations. Students are encouraged to attend as many of these events as possible in order to get a feel of Student Life and decide which Societies or Clubs they wish to join.

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Membership Obligations

All Milestone Students can join as many Student Organisations as they wish. Indeed, everyone is highly encouraged to become an active participant in the Institute’s Student Life as it is beneficial for both academic and personal development to do so.

However, members of Student Organisations are required to attend at least two meetings each term, unless they have a good cause. Only active members have access to members-only perks, voting rights and opportunities to run for presidential board and committee member positions.

Members of all societies and clubs are asked to keep up-to-date with Student Life news by regularly checking the individual society and club Facebook groups and personal emails for the Student Life Newsletter.

Presidential Board and Comittee Members

All active members of societies and clubs are eligible to take on roles within Student Organisations. Each Student Organisation must have at least one member on the Presidential Board (President, Vice-President or Secretary) as well as Committee Members (such as Events Manager or Competitions Coordinator). The Presidential Board has the responsibility for running the Organisation as well as coordinating the work of the Committee Members. The Board must keep their membership updated regarding upcoming events, take care of handover arrangements and attend regular meetings with the Student Life Coordinator. If any member of the Board fails to satisfy his/her duties, it must be reported to the Student Life Coordinator immediately.

The Presidential Board and Committee Members are elected annually before the new Academic Year at each Student Organisation’s Annual General Meeting, held at the latest in April. The Presidential Board must have a non-Senior Year member and cannot have a Freshman Year member at the time of holding office. For Committee Members, it is possible to postpone elections and hold them separately from those of the Presidential Board in order to allow new students to join the Committee.

Founding a Society

Every student has the right to propose the establishment of a new Student Organisation, as long as its purpose and principles are in accordance with the Milestone mission. To set up an accredited society or club within Milestone please email it the Student Life Coordinator, Anna Tolmayer at

Important Documents for Students

Student Life Guidelines

This document is a compass for Student Life and will provide you with general information about Student Organisations within Milestone Institute.

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