National Economics Competition

We have just concluded this year’s National Economics Competition at Milestone Institute. Inviting students from over 80 high schools, the competition was organised to stimulate and encourage the development of economics knowledge, financial literacy, and creative problem-solving skills in Hungarian students.

The first round was held on May 21st to 31st, involving a take-home written exam consisting of application-based questions requiring the students create cash-flow plans in variable contexts and theory-related questions inquiring about the students’ understanding of dual circulation economy and universal basic income. The contestants were assessed on their demonstration of subject matter knowledge and their ability to apply this creatively and critically, and effectively deliver this in a written format.

A total of ten finalists were selected for the second and final round held on June 19th, for which they presented on a business case study, proposing creative solutions to the novel phenomenon of Esports.  In addition to their creativity and conceptual grasp, the contestants were assessed on the caliber of their delivery and presentation.

We are pleased to announce the following winners:

First: Ádám Bencsik

Second: Levente Bán

Third: Dávid Herskovits

We would also like to thank all the contestants for participating, and János Mészaros for creating the tasks. We look forward to hosting the competition next year as well.