22/2 – Geography Olympiad Learning Lab

Module Leader:
Dóra Bálint
2022-2023 Autumn
Immersion 1

The learning lab aims to provide a systematic preparation for the autumn part of the three-round national competition (Hungeo – Written Round). This event is the official selection competition for the International Geography Olympiad (iGeo). iGeo is the world’s largest annually held Geography competition. The next competition will take place in Bandung (Indonesia), in August 2023. The first four students of the Hungeo competition will join the Hungarian national team.

Therefore, the Lab follows the structure of the Hungeo competition, especially the written round that will be held in Autumn, 2022 (the exact date is not available yet). It concentrates on graphical and analytical skills (describing trends and spatial patterns, reading, analyzing, and interpreting images/graphs) and evaluation (answering open-ended questions, presenting, and debating) through synoptic themes in different spatial levels.

The lab aims to connect geographical concepts and terms with the help of six large, integrated themes. These are Land and life, Change, Climate frontlines, Inequalities, Global to local and Urban challenges. The approach of the Lab is centred around learning geography through case studies that connect the human and physical parts of the subject. IB Geography topics and United Nations Millennium Development Goals also overlap with these topics.

In general, the lab is suitable for students who already have an interest in geographical and environmental issues besides also having ambitions to test their knowledge in a wide range of topics related to spatial processes.

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