22/1 – Ventures

Module Leader:
Anna Tolmayer
2022-2023 Summer
Social Sciences

Ventures is a cooperative, game-based, and entertaining learning experience, in which student teams of 3-4 take over the management of FORTUNE 500 companies competing in a dynamic business environment. During an 8-week long simulation, students face various business and social challenges that they need to solve by building and utilising a blend of qualitative and quantitative skills.

During classroom sessions, teams develop, present and debate business plans, while the Module Leader, acting Investor, facilitates discussion and provides instantaneous challenges. At pre-defined milestones, students produce key deliverables (Business Model, investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions etc.). Continuous and end-of-term assessments happen via the evaluation of these deliverables. Instructors control and steer the dynamics of the game through oral and written feedback, game interventions and events, to maintain the motivation of each team and student, and prompt deep thought and catalyse innovative solutions.

Students learn to combine and apply their knowledge and skills in fields such as Maths, Statistics, Psychology, Behavioural Economics, Sociology, or Social Anthropology in an interdisciplinary setting to make decisions that have the potential to impact not only their respective businesses, but also regional markets as well as social contexts.

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