22/1 – Omics

Module Leader:
Peter Symmons
2022-2023 Summer
Natural Sciences

The aim of this module is to give a thorough introduction to the way in which the information stored in DNA is being integrated with analytical data about the RNA transcripts, proteins and metabolites present in living cells to create a Systems Biology approach to understanding how living organisms function. This approach requires the generation and processing of vast amounts of data, requiring advanced mathematical and computational methods (Bioinformatics) making the Biology of tomorrow a multidisciplinary endeavour. The terms “Genomics”, “Transcriptomics”, “Proteomics” etc are used to describe the totality of the information obtained from a single cell or organism. Together with the module leader we will enquire how this data is generated, how it is analysed and how it can be used to understand fundamental biological processes and improve not only human health but also the environment.

This module is highly recommended for any student intending to study medicine or a biological subject at University level, because this is what biology is going to be all about in future.

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