22/1 – Civilizations

Module Leader:
Adrian Matus
2022-2023 Summer
Social Sciences

Learning how society works is fun! The Civilizations course offers a cooperative, game-based and entertaining learning experience in the fields of politics, social sciences, economics and the history of ideas. Students will play the role of members of the government of a newborn state they are in charge of running in an 8-week long simulation.

Students will form groups of 3-4, running the governments of separate fictional countries. Each course group will feature 3 states, which will compete in the first and cooperate with each other in the second part of the term. Two groups will be formed in the first seminar for each module group and will remain unchanged until the end of the module.

During the term, the governors of the state will encounter various political, social and historical problems and challenges. It will be their tasks, as members of the government, to give appropriate responses to the given challenges. As representatives of their respective governments, students will have the responsibility to make decisions concerning their country’s political and economic system, as well as address specific challenges the state will encounter.

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