21/3 – Mars and Venus

Module Leader:
Adrian Matus
2021-2022 Spring
Arts and Humanities

How relevant are the Greek gods for us today? ♀ ♂

The aim of this module is to explain the evolution of thinking about genders through the example of Indo-European deities. We will examine how the image of Mars and Venus (and other gods) have been transformed in history, and what kinds of meanings have been attached to these transformations.

Through the critical examination of (sometimes conflicting) primary and secondary sources, including visual material, we will discuss changing gender roles, questions of the body, social and cultural norms, as well as the shifting position of arts and science. The module offers a glimpse into social scientific and historical analytic methods.

Students with an ambition to study history, classics, archeology, anthropology, comparative literature, gender studies, theater or theology are highly advised to take up this module. At the same time, this course is highly relevant for those who want to pursue a career in sociology, law, art history or media studies.

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