21/3 – Econometrics

Module Leader:
Mavroyiannis Diomides
2021-2022 Spring
Immersion 2
Numerical Sciences

Evidence-based analysis of social, economic, and policy data is critical in making informed decisions which impact economies, societies, and communities. Econometric tools are valuable in many sectors and provide a base knowledge of the statistical techniques used in many academic disciplines. The knowledge gained in this module provides students with an understanding of basic statistical and research methods applicable in a wide range of university faculties.

In this course students will build a foundation in econometric theory. The first few lectures will be aimed at giving the probabilistic background to properly understand and build the linear regression model. Then the focus will shift to the statistical techniques for quantifying and making inferences about relations between variables, regression analysis, determining causality, experimental and non-experimental studies, and how to address the main issues when conducting a study.

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