21/3 – Close Reading: Painting

Module Leader:
Eszter Szép
2021-2022 Spring
Immersion 1
Arts and Humanities

The aim of this course is to complicate our understanding of and relationship to art and works of art. The course helps students to familiarize themselves with theoretical frameworks of art criticism and visual culture studies. Students learn about and try out several approaches of discussing images. Though the course has a focus on Western painting, we will also consider images in other media, and images that are not art. Students will read texts and watch videos by leading contemporary art historians and thinkers. Each class is organized around a different question, students are required to collect images and reflect on them for each and every class.

Group discussion and interaction are very important for this course: we will share our ideas in the discussion forum on Canvas, we will read what the others think. This way, I hope that our Canvas page will become an inspiring interactive environment.

The module is suitable for students interested in visual culture, art, cultural studies, image making practices, and creative arts and industries.

Students are required to prepare for each and every class, they will hold one presentation, they will write an essay, and will make a zine as the final project. (see 3.1 for details.)

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