21/2 – Spirits of Capitalism

Module Leader:
Ádám Kornél Havas
2021-2022 Autumn
Immersion 1
Social Sciences

The aim of this module is to provide an introduction to some of the most significant trends in the sociological understanding of economic behaviour with a special focus on the cultural embeddedness of economic processes. Throughout the discussion of classic and current works of economic sociology, the following fundamental topics will be tackled: the historical development of capitalism (Weber), the autonomy and embeddedness of the market systems (Polanyi) the role of social networks in economics (Granovetter), the different types of capitals and strategies (Hirschman) and the economic world system (Böröcz) with special attention to Europe and the European Union. The module will also dedicate attention to the functioning of creative industries and the globalised market of cultural goods by providing insights into current discussions within the critical economic sociology of the arts. Due to the wide range of interdisciplinary approaches this module is particularly recommended to students interested in one or more of the following fields: history, sociology, economics, anthropology and social policy.

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