21/2 – Social Sciences Tutorial

2021-2022 Autumn
Social Sciences

The Social Sciences tutorial is a lively, interactive dispute and discussion centred module created with the aim to systematically prepare students applying for any social sciences course or a combination of social sciences courses and/or a combined course which includes social sciences disciplines at university, and especially for those applying to Oxford or Cambridge. In the tutorial, students will conduct in-depth discussions with the module leaders, focusing on key questions related to the practice, theory and methodology of inquiry in social sciences; exploring questions that range from the role and relationship of the state and market, questions of equality and individual freedom, current affairs and their historical explanations, notions of morality and justice, social science epistemology and methods as well as notions of cultural difference and otherness; as well as to themes discussed in their personal statements or motivation letters. Sessions will be based on questions and discussions raised by module leaders, and participants will have to engage with these in the form of academic discussions in a setting which imitates that of an Oxbridge tutorial.

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