21/2 – Biotechnology

Module Leader:
Dávid Malatinszky
2021-2022 Autumn
Natural Sciences

The aim of this module is to give a good overview of the many branches and applications of biotechnology. In a broader sense, biotechnology encompasses a range of human activities that modify living organisms for industrial purposes. That said, domestication of animals and cultivation of plants throughout history, as well as genetic engineering of microbes and the development of personalized gene therapies in modern day, fall under the umbrella of the biotechnology discipline. The module will summarize basic biological concepts, mechanisms and key scientific achievements through selected examples and interactive models. In later sessions, our focus will include the ethical aspects and societal impacts of the ‘biotechnology era’ we live in today. The module is intended for students with no or limited knowledge in the topic. Since biotechnology is part of our life (as stated above), anyone interested in life science is warmly welcomed. For students who wish to study biology or a related field, this module is highly recommended.

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