21/1 – Tumour Biology

Module Leader:
Eszter Ágnes Tóth
2021-2022 Summer
Natural Sciences

The aim of this Module is leading the students into one of the most permanent ‘hot topic’ of medicine and biology: tumour biology. In modern societies tumorous diseases are among the top causes of morbidity and mortality not only having dreadful effects on the patients and their families but on healthcare and society as well. Through the course: ‘Tumour biology’, we will learn about how and why tumours form and what effects they have starting with basic cell biology to seeing the tumorous process through the eyes of the patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and the society as a whole. We also will see how and why making early diagnosis is of such a great importance despite being extremely challenging as well we will take a look into the different therapeutic approaches starting from the more ‘universal’ therapies reaching to today’s endeavor of personalised treatments. The final session will be held in the laboratory of the Department of Genetics, Cell and Immunobiology of Semmelweis University, where students can see how the organoid technique works in real life. (Due to the current pandemic situation, the lab visit might be replaced with an alternative program following the regulations of the state and the University.) The course is intended to be useful for anyone interested in the fields of medicine and natural sciences.

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