21/1 – The Earth System

Module Leader:
Dóra Kovács
2021-2022 Summer
Immersion 1
Natural Sciences

The natural environment we live in is defined both by processes taking place inside the Earth, on its surface, in its enveloping atmosphere and in broader terms, we ultimately depend on the goings-on in the Solar system.
This module aims to offer an advanced perspective of the complexities regarding fundamental environment-shaping phenomena and to provide a solid understanding of underlying processes.
Focus will be on key topics such as plate tectonics, volcanism, earthquakes and in particular, climate change. We will look into how physical processes are interlinked, investigate both their effects on us, humans as well as our own impact on the Earth as a system. Throughout the module, students will be encouraged to formulate and give voice to their views and arguments on current issues, to debate, to be in a decision-maker’s position (for example in the event of a natural disaster) and to practice interpreting relevant figures produced by leading scientific bodies.
These skills are often core elements of university admission interviews, are vital to successfully engage in a wide range of university courses, and in general, outside academia, are an asset when dealing with everyday life and personal situations.
Students with a general knowledge of geography and physics are very welcome to sign up. All the subjects covered at the seminars will be provided with relevant reading-material after the module start, so each student will have an equal chance to come prepared to class and fully engage in the discussions.
The module seeks to grant a substantial academic background to students who wish to pursue Earth- or environment-related studies, who are keen to broaden their knowledge in how surface phaenomena of the Earth and human activities are linked, and to those who are simply interested in the subject.

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