21/1 – Culture, Tradition, Heritage

Module Leader:
Miklós Vörös
2021-2022 Summer
Immersion 1
Social Sciences

This module—which offers an armchair travel in time and space, and across cultures—has a twofold scholarly aim: first, it opens up a wide range of cultural anthropological perspectives, exploring the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological foundations of the discipline, and second, it focuses on the different meanings and uses of three of its central spatial and temporal concepts: culture, tradition, and heritage. While the first half of the module works as an introduction to cultural anthropology, the second half familiarizes the students with the professional and political debates on the social and economic value of cultural heritage sites and folklore traditions. By the end of the eight sessions, students should be able to develop their own, autonomous critical analyses of various case studies. The module is open to lower house students who have an interest in the social sciences. Taking a social science module in advance is not a prerequisite, but it can facilitate immersion into the topics of the Culture, Tradition, Heritage module.

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