21/1 – Abnormal Brains

2021-2022 Summer
Natural Sciences

The aim of the module is to provide students an understanding and appreciation of the connections between neural processes and human behaviours, as manifest in ‘abnormalities’ of select types of disorders. In the majority of the sessions, there will be a heavy focus on the biopsychological link and an expectation to deeply engage in learning about specific neural processes and brain regions and the arising symptomatology as delineated in clinical psychology. However, the module will also adopt a wider vantage point at times, incorporating sociological, anthropological, and literary perspectives to examine psychopathology, challenge the conception of abnormality, and discuss stigma. The module is open to all students who are curious and are willing to learn about psychopathology from a biological and neurological perspective, but also contemplate the broader psychological and sociological themes and discussions that contextualize the topic of mental disorders. Naturally, it is suitable for students who are interested in further education in natural science disciplines such as biology, psychology, and medicine, but also those with interests outside these fields who would like to gain a firmer understanding of the biological processes that underlie core human phenomena.

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