Product Design

Module Leader:
Olivia Fero
2020-2021 Autumn
Arts and Humanities

Product design is about creating solutions; industrial design is about taking those solutions through manufacture and to the end user. Essentially, the conceptual design and development of product design is part of industrial design.

This course is primarily focused on product design, but considers market research, design brief, concept development, sketching up and prototyping, and marketing.

The aim of this module is to give you an authentic experience of taking part in the full design process as it would be developed in a design studio and beyond. You will be introduced to Product Design as a field of study: design as problem-solving, the debate of form vs function brands and the role of ‘superstar’ designers. You are strongly encouraged to learn or develop Fusion360 and Photoshop skills. You will need to present and be willing to research and discuss your ideas.

In the second half of this course, you will be expected to form a team working on a new product for a particular company. The brand will be given to you. Different members of your team will have responsibility for the research, the brief, the concept development, the drawing up and the marketing. You will all have input on every section and be graded collectively but with a substantial additional weighting on the section that you are responsible for in your team.

No prior understanding or knowledge of this subject is necessary to take this course, though Design Theory and the Freshman module: Developing a Venture would give you a useful foundation. The course is recommended for students with an interest in product, interior or industrial design, packaging, marketing or even design theory.

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