Physiology of Organisms

Module Leader:
Orsolya Bajer-Molnár
2020-2021 Spring
Immersion 1
Natural Sciences

This module will introduce students to the basic physiological concepts and structures in animals and humans alike. By understanding the basic challenges proposed by individual life, we will learn the various solutions offered by different life forms, and not only identify structures, but also comprehend the function of organs and organ systems. Furthermore, we will be comparing advantages and difficulties of diverse organ systems, to see how different lifestyles create different bodily structures. As a final summary, students will be asked to do a project on a particular disease and work out how a defect in a single organ can affect entire organisms.
Since this topic covers fundamental concepts in physiology and anatomy, it is highly recommended for those interested in Biology, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Sciences, but can also be an important addition to Psychology and Behaviour studies.

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