Philosophy Olympiad Learning Lab 2

Module Leader:
László Kőszeghy
2020-2021 Spring
Immersion 1
Natural Sciences

This module serves as a preparation for the International Philosophy Olympiad and other essay-writing competitions. As such, the aim of the module is twofold: first, to provide an insight into some of the main problems of philosophy, and, second, to help students develop their critical writing and argumentation skills.
The module will be based on seminar-style discussion, critical reflection, and practicing the art of peer review. We will discuss the issue of meaning and interpretation, the metaphysics and politics of identity politics and what the idea of social constructionism really amounts to. Two seminars will be dedicated to each philosophical problem, we will have a session with a guest philosopher; and a workshop where students can practice peer review by giving feedback on each other’s essays. Students will also critically engage with prize-winning essays of previous year’s competitions.

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