Perception and Cognition

Module Leader:
Marcell Komlós
2020-2021 Spring
Immersion 2
Natural Sciences

This interdisciplinary module lies at the intersection of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, bringing these fields together to understand the cognitive and perceptual abilities of the mind and brain.
How does vision work? How much do we see with our eyes and how much do we see with our brain? The course will be of interest to students aiming to study psychology, biology, neuroscience, philosophy and especially to those who cannot make up their mind (or brain :).
Our journey will start at the level of cells and reach all the way to consciousness. We will begin with molecular and cellular level mechanisms underlying all neural functions. Then we will study the human visual system to learn how sensory inputs combined with our previous knowledge and assumptions give rise to perception. Finally, we will explore the concepts of cognition and consciousness.
The course will invite you to think about thinking, learn about learning, and perhaps even make you more aware of awareness – in other words, blow your mind.

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