Law Tutorial

Module Leader:
Márton Varjú
2020-2021 Autumn
Arts and Humanities

The main objective of the module is to introduce students to the Oxford or Cambridge Law admissions process, actively practice for the different stages of the procedure, and to develop the knowledge and the skills necessary for a successful admission. The module provides an organised framework for senior students to prepare for Oxbridge law admissions, in which they are given an opportunity for reflective individual and peer-helped learning and skills-development based on extensive peer and tutor feedback. Students applying to law courses which require a successful LNAT examination may also benefit from the module.

The module will be taught in the form of practice-focussed seminars. The seminars will begin with a short explanation of the task (e.g.: which potential interview question or what kind of reasoning exercise will be covered), a first round of practice for students, peer-to-peer and tutor feedback and self-reflection, a second round of practice for students. Some of the sessions will help preparing for the oral interview, others for the essay-task, and again others for both.

Students are expected to participate actively in the sessions, and to prepare in advance if necessary.

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