Diversity and Dialogue: Anthropological Perspectives

Module Leader:
Miklós Vörös
2020-2021 Autumn
Immersion 2
Social Sciences

The aim of this module is to encourage students to appreciate the diversity of human experiences and cultural expressions and to recognize the importance of intercultural dialogue. The backbone of this endeavor is an introduction into the history of anthropological thought: through familiarizing themselves with some of the classic theories and discourses of cultural anthropology, students are going to see how this discipline has contributed to a better understanding and acceptance of cultural differences and to the emergence of a moral imperative of dialogue between different communities and societies. While anthropology has traditionally espoused tolerance and cultural relativism, it has also promoted solidarity across humanity and supported the development of universal human rights. The module is accessible to a wider audience, but it is recommended especially to students interested in the social sciences, cultural studies, human rights, and international relations.

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