Advanced Physics and Engineering

Module Leader:
Márton Bence Farkas
2020-2021 Autumn
Numerical Sciences

The aim of the course is to bring Hungarian students closer to the standards required in an Oxbridge physics or engineering interview. As a secondary goal, the module helps the understanding of first year undergraduate physics related courses.
British high school physics education concentrates on different areas and places emphasis primary on problem solving. As a result, this module focuses on topics more likely to come up during an interview: Mechanics, Electrostatics, Electrical circuits and Special Relativ- ity. The last two sessions are problem solving seminars, where tricks in various topics and previous interview questions are discussed.
The module strives to be fast paced, therefore demands students to allocate adequate time to revise the content of previous seminars and solve the example sheets. Please take the pre-requirements seriously in order to get the full benefits of this course.

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