Quantum Chemistry

Module Leader:
Ferenc Forman, Dorottya Farkas
2019-2020 Spring
Immersion 2
Natural Sciences

The point of the course is to establish the fundamental concepts and axioms behind quantum mechanics and providing a mathematical understanding thereof.

Once physics just seemed to be an established knowledge by the advent of the 20th century, photovoltaic effect threw a stone in the lake, demonstrating light being both particle and wave. Although Albert was a founder of the underlying theory, he could not believe the beautiful monster he created to his death. However, physics has proven him wrong. In the strange world of quantum mechanics, where even one plus one is not equal to two, we needed to redefine our intuition and common sense. To this date, scientists argue what quantum mechanics means. Does the uncertainty principle imply our future is, in fact, not predestined? Does the electron have a free will to determine where it is going to be detected? Does God work in mysterious ways of quantum mechanics?

The eight sessions will focus on one topic each, with three levels of exercises given after each class. Most exercises will raise questions asking whether a given model can work or not, and mathematically prove or disprove statements.

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