PAT-ENGAA preparation

Module Leader:
József Konczer
2019-2020 Autumn
Immersion 2
Numerical Sciences

The module focuses on the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) for applicants to Engineering, Materials Science and Physics at the University of Oxford, and on the Engineering Admissions Assessment (ENGAA) for applicants to the University of Cambridge Engineering undergraduate degree course. The main goal of the module is to achieve a successful test result on the mentioned tests on October 30, 2019.

During the preparation, we will discuss previous tests, individually identify and work on points of difficulty. Beside gaining practice and knowledge in the relevant topics, learning about time and stress management is also a vital part of the module.

The time constraint for the PAT and ENGAA tests is 2 hours, because of which during the contact hours we will only discuss problematic parts and maybe sections from the syllabus, so the module relies heavily on individual preparation as well. The module will be beneficial for Senior students, who applied for the mentioned Oxbridge courses.

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