Marx – Capitalism and Socialism

Module Leader:
Dániel Gergely Nagy
2019-2020 Spring
Immersion 2
Social Sciences

The primary aim of the module is to present Karl Marx’s vision of post-capitalism by addressing the following question: what could Marxian communism provide as a realistic and feasible alternative to the crises of capitalism? The module gives students the opportunity to immerse in the problem of realizing socialism in the 21st century by introducing and exploring key Marxian terms and ideas.

The course provides an overview of the Marxian interpretation of capitalism and the critique of political economy. Through the theoretical investigation in the field of philosophy, politics, political economy and critical social theory students will gain knowledge to consider and to formulate their own ideas about whether it is a promising opportunity to break away from capitalism and to establish a new social, economic and political order in our times based on those ideas that belong to the tradition of radical left-wing thinking.

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