Introduction to International Relations

Module Leader:
Orsolya Plesz
2019-2020 Spring
Immersion 1
Social Sciences

This course is an introduction to the character, causes, and consequences of international conflict and cooperation, in both security and economic affairs. It is not a history or current events course, but it does use past and present-day cases to examine theories of international politics and to expand our understanding of the range of possible forms of international behaviour.

The course focuses on the major theories of international relations while aims to provide students a set of tools to analyse the relative roles of power, institutions, domestic politics, ideas, identities, individuals, and other factors in world politics. It also touches upon current political debates. Students will also gain practical knowledge of effective reading styles, essay writing, debating and presenting.

The module ‘Introduction to International Relations’ is useful for students who wish to study social science and/or political science of any kind as these theories are frequently referenced in the relevant scholarship.

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