Design and Portfolio

Module Leader:
Szabolcs Molnár
2019-2020 Summer
Immersion 2
Arts and Humanities

This course is for students who are interested in any form of art, creative and critical thinking, making products in any medium and eager to peek behind the curtains of the processes in which the representation of our day’s productions are being created. The aim of this module is to give a platform and toolset – creative and physical tools as well – which with the students will be able to take apart in curated creative process.

At the first four sessions of the module, the main task is going to be making plain compositions and then interpret them in one piece of spatial structure, which is going to be processed by using any optional medium (draw, paint, photo, collage, ect…)

The module is going to operate with one predefined toolset with different frameworks and seemingly arbitrary instructions. Every result is going to be carefully designed and documented therefore all of it is going to become a valuable part of the process’ portfolio.

The whole process and documentation is as valuable and important as the final product.

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